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Tamara Attz is a personal/private chef who specializes in vegan/vegetarian cuisine and is quite passionate about creating vibrant, delicious and nourishing meals using locally sourced ingredients. Her interest in culinary arts sparked at the age of twelve helping her mother cook daily and even some vast meal preparation in the kitchen. As the years progressed, Tamara honed her skills and would eventually obtain a Culinary Vegetarian & Plant Based Specialty degree as well as a Baking & Pastry Arts degree. This professional training in addition to living in multicultural South Florida and a Caribbean background, helped develop an eclectic, bold and colorful palette. This has helped craft the flavors behind meals that have not only brought her clients but herself joy and satisfaction. This was the main ideology of how Hello! I-tis Meal Prep was created: to not only provide a service to those in need but to also share her love of cooking with others. Since then, Tamara has worked with clients in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, California, New York, Atlanta, and Atlantic City providing private chef services, as well as meal preparation, menu consultation and recipe development.

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